'Vex vs. Video Games' Promote Entry

Our team (9378) submitted a VRC Promote entry titled ‘Wolfpack Robotics: Get a Vex.’ We spent nearly two months and a lot of hard work rehearsing, filming, and editing the video, and so I thought it would fitting to try and drum up support for it here on the forums. I’m not necessarily asking for votes (but hey, it’d be great it you did vote for it); more for feed-back and what we could improve for next year’s video.

Here’s the entry:

Thank you for taking the time to view it!

You guys did a great job on your video!! It shows that you did a lot of hard work on it. Congrats and good luck with the contest.

This is an awesome video. Great job!

Thanks to you both! :smiley:

And whoever keeps downrating our video, please stop… you’re not accomplishing much