Vex VSCode Object's

I am utilizing the VSCode extension to program our robot. Whenever I am in the process of defining objects or motors within the Python programming language, I consistently refer back to vexcode V5 to obtain reference on how to define objects. I am curious to know if there exists a more efficient method for defining motors and other objects within the VSCode environment.

If you’re using VSCode and an extension, you’ll just have to remember how to do it if you don’t want to keep looking back.

Either that, or use the official Vexcode V5 or Vexcode V5 Pro programs that have a built in way for defining the objects

Do you have the pylance extension installed?
Check out the end of this article.

The VEX Extension does not handle IntelliSense but it does generate the config file needed by Pylance.

DOT Operator
So if you try CRTL + SPACE after the dot operator of an object you should see a list of public functions exposed by the motor class.

DOC Strings
Also when entering in parameters or if you hover you mouse over the function, a doc string will appear that describes the function and its parameters.

VEX Command Help
VEX command help is another option. Similar to vexcode we provide help documentation and examples for certain commands.
Check out the end this article titled, “VEX Command Help”.

Let me know if you run into any other issues, thanks!