Vex Walker on Gizmondo

So I was looking through my RSS feed and this popped up…

I wonder when the vex mini will hit the shelves…

Wow… I can’t wait!

I remember seeing that on YouTube a while back. I can’t wait for the Vex mini line to be out, but I wonder if the rubber tips on the mini claw will turn under too much weight.

I also noticed a new hexbug…

That was the same one that they had last year, but I haven’t heard anything more about the VEX Mini. I really hope they sell this kit, but the link said that IFI wasn’t sure if they were going to sell it or not.

I know it takes time to develope all of these new products and to decide which one would be profitable, so I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Ooooh. nifty.

Something I would love to see done with Vex is a set of swarm-minded robots like this that could work together to accomplish tasks. They’d have to be a lot bigger than the ones in the video though.

Well, back to my two hellish take-home tests that are due tomorrow… If I never appear on this forum again, the 69 Trigonometric identities killed me.

EDIT: here’s a better video of what I was talking about