Vex Water Game Definitely Confirmed?

VEX released a new video:

In the video there is a bucket at the center of the frame with blue text that fades in; “THE DROUGHT IS OVER”.
Then a person walks up to the bucket and “splashes” various blue gears and plates that were in the bucket at the camera.
The person walks out of frame and new text fades in; “FRESH CONTENT COMING SOON”.

No doubt something water related is coming. The drought that VEX refers to is probably the 12 year history of waterless games. But looking closely at the pieces thrown out from the bucket, they are clearly VEX IQ pieces with a few propellers mixed in and NOT VEX EDR.

What do you guys think? Water game coming for VEX IQ, or was the Vex marketing team being a little lazy and used VEX IQ parts for a teaser for VEX EDR?

In my opinion, why would they make a teaser targeted at middle-elementary school students who probably don’t check Vex pages as much as middle-college students? And like another post said, they did make changes to VEX U rules that point towards a water game. I’m guessing the marketing team’s on a tight budget. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Maybe instead of making “fresh” content they could ship v5 :slight_smile:

Or fix v5

water game plz