Vex water Game?

My question is if we get a water game will we have to buy special parts? will their be an autonomous because their are no waterproof sensors that i know of and this goes back to my question how much money will all these new parts cost.

Welcome to the forum. My guess, is that vex would not stop autonomous for the water game. They are most likely waiting until the release of v6.


It all depends on how the water is implemented for these questions to be answered. We just have to wait and see what they do. But most likely they will be making v6 stuff water proof for a game



When the water game gets released we will likely just reuse the cortex control system, but with new sensors. There will certainly be an autonomous period

Is your topic a joke or are you really concerned that water game is coming?


ok cuase I just think if vex was going to announce water games they would give hints because of all the new parts we would need

Also lets just hope if it is a water game the parts aren’t all gone the day of release because some teams starts earlier than others but that is also their choice

They’ll (hopefully) have enough made so parts don’t run out

yea really cause my team had our first skills a few weeks after game release

Not sure why people always talk about a water game. They should focus on something that Vex would actually make, like a lava game.


Better get your propellers ordered before they go out of stock! Remember, wheels don’t work well under water!
V5 Hydrofoil Bot

Here’s the preview of the VEX build from the Future Game Development Group: Future Game Development Group Page


Something familiar about that link…



Hydrofoils are the new X-Drive.


that is the worst idea i have ever heard

Theoretically if they did release this i want guesses on how much you guy thing a pack of 2 would cost my vote is 52$

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also who thinks it would be cool if we had to work of cameras on our robot to steer and score will we couldn’t actually see the robot

I’ve been Rick Rolled so many times I can recognize the link like the back of my hood.

Hehe get it hood, like hood bot
sorry for explaining the joke



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That is a very insightful observation - there are multiple ways in which the water could be incorporated into a VRC game.

First, they could introduce game objects that are not liquid, but conceptually represent the water, like this foam droplet:


Then, they could create an elite version of the game that is played on an ice rink, instead of the regular foam tiles. This will avoid multiple issues of V5 electronics interacting with water in its liquid state, as well as create some interesting and unique challenges:

Finally, there is such thing as electronics friendly Dry Water!

GDC, make your choices!

And, finally, repeat after me:

“I will program my aquanomous in time for the competition”
“I will program my aquanomous in time for the competition”
“I will program my aquanomous …”


@Got_a_Screw_Loose, I think this is kinda your thing?

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I feel like GDC will most likely use foam droplets, as it is the most inexpensive. No ice or special water needed and they have had plently of foam pieces in the past. It would also be interesting to see how scoring would work with those

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