Vex water Game?

I think VEX knew someone would say that…

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i haven’t been on in a while but I just wanted to drop in and see what’s up. Also when is the game going to be released.

Here’s the preview link for the next year’s water game from the Future Game Development Group: Future Game Development Group Page

The official game release is normally the last day of the World Competition. The actual schedule has not yet been released with the date/time. (Update: May 22 for VRC, May 29 for IQ).


I can’t even count how many times that I have been Rick rolled on this forum


If the link ends in XcQ, don’t click it.

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Indeed. Plenty of Water Games have turned out to be fakes, which which is why you should be extra careful of XcQ links


Water game confirmed?

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May 22 for VRC, May 29 for IQ


Do you happen to know what time the game release will be?
This is the schedule for that day:
Do you know if it’s during the morning ceremony or just the afternoon or just for the LRS?

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Its always been after all the matches and awards I believe, so I’m gonna assume its after everything.


Thanks. I know that’s how it’s been in the past and you’re right that does make the most sense.

ok thanks i am typing something random so it is 20 characters long

What animation software would be used for making a game reveal video?

they might not use an animation and could use real props and robots. I am not entirely sure though because then Vex would have to film the video before the game release and therefore rumors could spread easier. Also, for change up they did not use an animation for the initial game release.

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