Vex Water Games

This **hopefully will happen comment if you think it will happen or not

I hope it will happen

it wont 20characters


It will never happen. I hope the water game meme dies.
DRow for GDC, JRow for GDC, and CRow for GDC will take over as the preferences of the Vex Community.


The water game meme will die just like everyone’s hopes of it actually happening (which it wont so stop hoping for it).

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Water games with vex sounds fun but it’s just never gonna happen

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Sadly it would fry all of the electronics.

It would also just be a pain. That would be awful for the EP’s and also anyone having to set up or clean up the event. I doubt it would be fun for anyone aside from the audience, and even there probably not the best.


just the thought of teams having to build a watertight field is a nightmare


Not only that but transporting, tearing down ,and building the fields for every competition would be a pain

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Everything would be a pain.


water game will happen

No, It wont. It’s never gonna happen. Sorry to crush your hopes and dreams but it’s not going to, it would be too much of a pain for everyone involved.

A water game could totally be done, but not with the robots having direct contact with water. There could be a game where the game objects are filled with water, to give them some effect that would allow for innovative mechanisms to be made around dealing with these game objects. I personally think that a game like this could be really cool, and would be close enough to a “water game” that many people would be happy with it. The only issue is that there are many other ways to make a water game happen that are much easier, and making game objects that can be filled with water and then stay water tight could increase costs of game elements. It could also break and ruin robotics parts and field tiles, which would again increase costs. This could limit the possibility of teams trying to compete, which is the opposite of what RECF wants.


Water bills about to go through the roof


Well theres still risks like water leaking and stuff and last thing I want is water on my v5 electronics soo

Ah okay, so there are at least a few people who haven’t seen the V6 leaks.


It will never happen

1200 rpm motors gonna be really cool for v6 (with same torque as current green motor)

guarantee it wont, imagine how much money it would be to get waterproof parts and a competition with bathtubs full of water would just be a mess

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