Vex Weaponry

I would like to hear about the weaponry that has been made in your robotics club.

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Our club is extremely fierce, so we have made a crossbow that shot rods, and a flail with a cube at the end.

In my club, over the years, we made many swords and medieval shields. After the competition Turning Point, we made functioning cannons out of our robots. But now we make different types of rubber band guns since we bought so many for Tower Takeover.

We have created a sickle using aluminum c-channels. It is called the grim reapist.

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No, logan created that after I gave him parts

My team created a multipurpose catapult, automatic beheading machine, and destroyer of brain cells. I have nick-named it Trey.

And I sharpened it

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I have a dremel wheel i sharpened and shaped into a ninja star

Our team made a hammer made with steel plates stacked on top of each other

Tell me this crossbow wasn’t posted on the Vex subreddit…

This one guy on my team is obsessed with creating vex weapons. He’s made a bow, a dagger, a rubber band gun… along with loads of other things that I’m too lazy to list.


not yet
(working on broadsword at the moment)

Logan, how long ago was this?

well its not my team ding this but i am currently engaged in a vex discord for the worlds fastest vex RC car
their planning on it going over 147 mph
its a weapon because of how fast its going to go

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