VEX Website and Battery Shipping.... To Hawaii

Hello everyone,

I attempted to place an order for v5 products with shipping to a Hawaii based address. When I add the battery into the cart, my shipping options are removed. Will there be a fix to this? This is an obstacle to teams from Hawaii. Some teams in Hawaii don’t have v5 at all and those who do will require additional batteries.

I thought it may be a browser issue, however, I had multiple teams attempt to place orders and none were successful. The remaining vendors (Robot mesh and Idesign solutions) were recently barred from shipping to Hawaii.



This kind of question is not suitable for the forum to answer. Your best chances of getting a response are by contacting VEX Sales. You can pick from one of the methods of contact here:


Already did, however I know those who may work for VEX read these forums regularly.

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If you already contacted them, simply send a follow up or call during business hours and ask for a clarification. Most VEX Sales support is answered through that proper channel rather then the forums, unless something major needs to be shared with the public. Also in Texas it is almost 11 PM so none of the VEX Sales employees are working right now either way.

Give VEX a chance to respond during normal business hours tomorrow.


If it is an issue shipping to Hawaii (I’m sure there will be a simple solution) then it is good to have that information for others on the forum.
Keep us posted with the answer @ttakashima42700

It probably still needs to come from VEX first hand to be the ones to post about the official issue and procedure.

Also another item I just noticed is this:

These are not Hawaiian vendors at this time and this is why they cannot ship to Hawaii.

Your best chance would be to get something shipped to California and get someone to bring it over for you.

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Or how about just reaching out to VEX sales?


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