VEX Website Broken Link

I’ve just been trying to lookup the official name of some nylon spacers, and discovered a broken link on
Clicking on “Cortex” in the top bar, then “VEX Cortex” in the menu below it is missing (
also the v5 logo doesn’t highlight red after you click on the v5 logo in the top bar

IMO the vex website is getting harder and harder to navigate - like when I click on v5 and then products, in my mind I should be taken to v5 products, not the master product list which has IQ parts first. That secondary menu below the top bar is very confusing, since on some pages it changes and some it doesn’t.


Also, can we please have the feature in the store back where the picture of a product has the name under it?
For instance, I’m looking at spacers, and if the list of products under “shafts and hardware” is like thisimage
It’s a bit difficult to find a specific product since usually vex teams don’t call products by their full names, like “pillow block bearing and lock bar pack”, especially since the images aren’t in the same order.

Oh yeah, the vex AI link is also invalid -

Sorry if this sounds like I’m just nitpicking, it’s just I’ve noticed an upsurge in broken/hard to use parts of the vex website and wanted to make them known

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Thanks for this. Last night we launched a pretty massive upgrade to our website backend, which resulted in a number of pages being redesigned / reworked or moved completely to the new and improved (which is separate from

We did our best to minimize the number of broken links, but it was inevitable that some things would slip through. Please bear with us as we work to squash these bugs over the coming days. (The Cortex link should be fixed now)

As for the “Captions” under product photos, these should be added back soon as well.

This was moved to Do you mind telling me where you found your version, so that I can get it updated?


The AI link was one that appeared after searching “VEX AI” on google.

It looks like it’s gone now, I probably just searched at the perfect time where the page had been moved but Google’s spiders hadn’t seen the new link yet

@DRow on a similar theme, the first result on both Google and DuckDuckGo for “vexos utility” is, which is a 404 for me.

Not a huge deal (the second result on DDG took me where I wanted to go) but it did add some confusion to my talking people through updating their IQ firmware over zoom (which is something I’ve been doing quite a bit lately, but that’s another story)

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I’ll say. :wink: It me.


The site is pretty cool, I like how all the educational things have been pulled together. Looking forward to the bumps being smoothed out on the parts site, should make it easier to for people to find things. I’m just hoping that my personal pages of deep links don’t need too much work.

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Also when you click on most of the navbar links except the 2020-21 VRC Game (under competition) the downloads tab disappears.

After clicking on the 2020-21 vrc game navlink
After clicking on any navlink other then the 2020-21 vrc game

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Another problem I found is that I get a “We’re sorry, an error has occurred while generating this content.” when I click on Downloads -> Competition Material and Downloads -> Build Instructions.

Found a broken link on Vex Products the button for the V5 products has a link address of which no longer exists.

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But is young Benji really even the same person?

This is a known issue. Should hopefully be working sometime next week.

This will be fixed shortly.


I hope so. Depending on exactly when that picture was taken, it was no further than 3 days away from when I peaked. :stuck_out_tongue:

These links are broken.



I dont want to clutter things up so I’ll post here. There’s this very annoying vexforum bug with the sizing when in landscape (and sometimes portrait):


That’s really not enough information to go off of.

What is your browser viewport size?
What browser are you using? On what operating system?
What browser version?


Good point

2688x1242 screen res
iPhone 11 Pro Max
Viewport size 414 x 724 portrait, 808 x 358 landscape
iOS 13.5.1
Google Chrome app

“Learn more about how V5 works” button doesn’t work on the “More Information” tab

This thread is turning into the bane of drows existence


This has been fixed. The information on that page has been relocated to the VEX Knowledge Base, specifically here: