VEX with a side of Magic

Not important, but it pleases me greatly that the joint convention for the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Society of American Magicians is being held at the same time and in the same hotel as the RECF Event Partner Summit.

The Galt House is filled with two different kinds of geeks and nerds this week. Robot nerds and magic nerds. I have friends on both side of that train wreck of geek shows.

That is awesome. They’re truly “magicians” and not “illusionists?” That’s even better!

My college boyfriend’s best friend was a carpenter who worked for a famous “illusionist.” One once went to a party with a bunch of them and as the drinks got more and more, the tricks got slower and slower and you could actually see the sleight of hand. (yes, I just edited my spelling!)

Suggestion - buy some of your new friends drinks tonight and ask them to do tricks!

Yeah, there are some big stage act people at the convention, but a lot of the folks there are close up and table workers. That stuff’s usually a lot harder on the performer than the big stage acts where the assistant does a lot of the work.

Good idea about watching them in a bar setting!