Vex World Championship 2011-2012 Forums Meet?

Hi everyone, with Worlds approaching very quickly, I thought I would make this thread to pool ideas on how/when people who use the forums can meet to talk to each other at worlds. I think we should have a brainstorm over ways in which we can show who we are (as very few of us know what each other actually look like), as well as organising some time for everyone to go and meet, and possibly bring their robots and talk about them!

So, does anyone have any idea? I’m thinking a possibility could be that everyone wears a similarly themed badge with our forum username on them, or puts a Vex Forum sign on their robots, or something along those lines. Also, I would be keen to meet some people on the 18th if anyone is keen on organising a get-together at a certain place and time.

So, if you have any ideas or anything, please contribute :D.

yeah, 18th sounds great
being an “optional” day and all

and me and TGN will be wearing our avatar pins all 3 days, so you cant miss us! :wink:

and our faces are also plastered all over our robot :stuck_out_tongue:

I was thinking name tags.

RFID Chips and Scanners…

Facebook Pictures…

Vexforum Profile Picture…

Exchange e-mail addresses, and then exchange photos…

Sounds like a great idea! Everyone from the forums should dress up as one of these.

We would be fairly easy to spot.

Sounds complicated.

I don’t have facebook :o

Nor do I have one of those

Sounds kind of creepy :rolleyes:.

Anyway, I think nametags are a good idea. I also think it would be cool if everyone had the same design nametag, because as well as making us recognisable to each other, it might encourage new people to use the forums as well! Does anyone have photoshop or something of the likes which they can use to make a nametag template? I would, but I don’t have photoshop on this computer, and I really don’t want to have to use paint :p.

I do have some photoshop knowledge but I don’t know what kind of template you wish to make. If you can describe to me a basic idea, I would totally do it.

Hmm, I’m not really sure. I was just thinking something like: “On VexForum I am:”
and a white space beneath it to write in the name. If anyone else can think of anything more exciting or original then suggest it :).

I’m thinking nametags with our forum names, as well as your real name. Some people might want their avatar on there too.

Do we need to all be wearing the same type of name tag? I figure teams would rather create their own design (for team colour schemes and such), as long as it’s clear, legible and obviously a forum name tag.

If we get the event layout map before Worlds, we’ll see if we can pick a definite location to meet up. A specific time might not work for all teams, so maybe we could just go somewhere and hang out when each person has time. Firephoenix

How about this?

*Edit: Actually that won’t work very well. Lets just go with name tags, or you can state something that you will be wearing or something. (For example, I’m going to probably have blue hair)

It’s kinda crude but I wanted to keep it clean and for it to resemble the forum layout.

Any suggestions?

That reminded me of a 1985 The Twilight Zone story, “A Matter of Minutes”…
Screen Shot

Will probably be found frantically fixing AURA bots or at some of the NZ pits

Yes and No… The cost would be the limitation… RFID Reader ID-12 (125 kHz)

Yes, that would be a problem…

You Upload a Profile Picture, under Edit Profile Picture.

Your asked for: “I think we should have a brainstorm over ways in which we can show who we are (as very few of us know what each other actually look like), as well as organising some time for everyone to go and meet, and possibly bring their robots and talk about them!”

I really look like my Profile Picture, since it is me…

Ahh… You want everyone to ware some kind of Identifier, at Worlds associating ourselves with out Forum Name… Rather than Pre-Identify Everyone…

Someone could Design a Name-tag Template, and post it as a .PGN file, then everyone could add their Forum User Name to it and Print It…

Why doesn’t a simple nametag do? “Hi I’m ______ On VEX Forum” 'Nuf said

If the Name-tags were Identical, then other members would know to Greet You and Know that you wanted to get together and Talk Robotics…

That would work as well… But a Unique Name Tag, Maybe in Addition too the Team Name Tag would make the Identification Process easier…

Like a Common Area, with a Marked Section for a Forum Meet…

If everyone has a Smart Phone, that would work fine… “Hi, My name is Kevin and my Vexforum name is Firephoenix”… My QR Code Reader App for my new Phone seems to work well…

This is a robotics competition. We need to complicate things. :slight_smile:

Or we could just hang out at one team’s pit area.

Anyone got any tips on coloring Aluminum black?

KISS Principal… I would go with this Design… Too Bad I can not make it to worlds, this year…