Vex World Championship having 720 spots

When I checked the Vex worlds robotevents website earlier, it showed that it has 720 spots available and 709 spots open. Is this a typo or have vex worlds increased their capacity this year?


I mean, it was announced there would be 8 divisions this year instead of 6, so it wouldn’t be unreasonable to jump from 590 teams to 720.


and Middle School has 320 spots and four divisions.

They are going to need a lot more qualified volunteers.


Will there be any update about qualifying criteria in the future?


Vex can either increase the amount of skills spots or they can divide regions into more subregions (ex. Making Cali have 5 state tournaments instead of just 3), allowing more teams to go to worlds.

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I think having more teams go to Worlds is going to be difficult to sustain. I think events a California State Championship where the bests from the regional championships will be an event as prestigious as Worlds, if not more meaningful. R

Lots of different ways of looking at this. Worlds is ti a representational showcase? or highly competitive?

To me it seems adding more teams because more teams want to go to Worlds is not the answer.

I agree that worlds spots shouldn’t be given out frivolously but I think another way to look at it is as a response to bo1. Lots of very talented teams have had worlds spots robbed from them because of bo1 and by allowing more teams to go to worlds, there’s more leeway for some unlucky teams to still go


and this is a where this season Bo3 is in finals. Robbed is totally subjective - the ones who advanced in Bo1 because their robot performed well should be proud of their accomplishments.


Agreed. I don’t think me using the word “robbed” was correct. Most of the time, teams that win tournaments with bo1 in place are very talented, however, in a state championship where all the teams are good it’s nice for there to be more plentiful worlds spots to allow these teams to continue to improve


Is this an effect of the enlarged spots for worlds?
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Teams directly going to worlds?

Each region/state/country has a set amount of spots determined in the Qualifying Criteria document - there is a chance some may get additional spots based on team growth in the region. These will be announced in January.


how do you go directly into worlds, dont you have to win nationals?

Signature events, and online skills challenges to name a couple… wait list…


By nationals, I take you mean the CREATE US Open tournament. That’s actually completely unrelated, regional tournaments can qualify you to go there but at “Nationals” there’s nowhere higher up to qualify.
Like lascap said, Signature events, online skills challenges are one way, and the most common way is at a regional/state championship (depending on where you live). Tournament champions get spots to worlds, and a few other awards/placements (ie excellence award, robot skills champion) based on how many spots for worlds that state has been given.
Under the ‘Awards’ Tab on the Robotevents page for a championship event you can see which awards will get you to worlds. Here’s the one for Illinois:


wdym bye signature events?*&event_region=&city=&affiliation_id=

Here you go, all the events listed here can qualify to worlds, but are not state, regional or national competitions. These are known as signature events, and are located at various places by different, usually large, companies or organizations.


Countries outside the us have national tournaments. If @darkness is from outside the us, he may have to go to a national tournament. I’m not the kind of person to ask any further questions to seen as I’m not very knowledgeable abt the system outside of the us, but I’m sure a few ppl on the forum are international and can tell u more


Looks like this was their plan from the start…

Qualifying criteria has 294 MS teams and 658 HS teams. Add in signature events and online challenges and you get pretty darn close to the given numbers.


and from the Qualifying Criteria document all teams have access to - it is in the Documents tab of all qualifying events:

This Criteria will have scheduled updates on August 15, 2019 and January 15, 2020. The January update will only include the additional spot allocations and add more spots to the award table if necessary.

So January 15th is the update to spots schedule.

Is this just a coincidence or did they choose 1/15/20 because it’s the starting day of my next comp?