VEX World championship teams

Would it be possible to put a link on the VEX World Championship web site, on the teams tab that would allow people to download the information from the table as a .csv file?

We moved this thread – it isn’t a VEX product issue, it’s about VRC.

Our software developers are working on other projects that need to be done before World Championship and will not have time to address this request.

However, I tried highlighting the Web browser list of teams, and then copying it and pasting it into an Excel spreadsheet. It worked perfectly and took about 20 seconds. Once in Excel, you can work with it or export for use in other applications.

Try it and see if it works for you.

Works for me

For those too lazy to try this on their own, here’s the list and some handy pivot tables to with it. Look at all the tabs in the Excel file.

Getting data into something like Excel and visualizing it is one of the best skills you all can learn.

(It seems we can not upload Excel files to this message board so go here)

71% of High School teams are coming form the US this year, 52% of middle school teams are from the US. (Puerto Rico is listed as a separate country in this sheet even though it is a protectorate of the United States. That can be debated elsewhere. If you learn the term “data quality issues” early on, you will be well suited in the future)

China is again well represented in Middle School at 21% of teams but not as much in High School with 5.9% of teams. Do they move on to other competitions in High School?

Canada is tied with China for second representative country in high school with 5.9% of high school teams while sending no middle school teams.

Teams need to consider “communication” issues, and I’m not talking about the robot kind. Although PR is a protectorate of the US, my past experience has been many on the teams will have English as a second language.

This is one of the issues we talk about in “Warm Up to Judging”