VEX World Championships Agenda

The agenda has now been posted here.

Will there be skills matches for College Challenge, or just HS?

I didn’t notice any mention of skills in the College rules appendix.

Just like the last two years, there won’t be a Skills Challenge for college teams at World Championships this year. If the college program keeps growing, I would expect that this could be a good topic for discussion for next season (2011-2012). In another thread. :slight_smile:

(How would you do skills with a 2-robot team? Hmm?)

Do you know if there will be a separate Middle School Division at the World Championship this year?

Yes, there will.


There will be six VRC divisions at the World Championship: four VRC high school, one VRC middle school, and one VRC college, plus the BEST championship event.

Middle school teams can “play up” into the high school level.