VEX World championships Livestream

Will the VEX World championships have live stream? If so where can we find it?


Yes there will be a webcast, it will also be on the NASA channel I believe. The link to the webcast has not yet been released.

The Webcast details are still being worked out. Check here and at the NASA robotics alliance website for more information next week.

i know this is late but here is another suggestion/feature you guys can do
record every match and upload them onto youtube (or any site)
so teams can watch themselves play
(or you can just film the elimination brackets)
because i couldnt find very much intense vids on last years elevation
just a suggestion

Yes this would be VERY helpful, our “team” (branch of #24, 24C) only has 4 people on it, and I am in every match, so video taping our matches is very difficult.

Taping each match is nearly imposable. Grab a DVR (someone) and record the comp. I’m hoping to rig my computers TV Tuner to record the entire comp. onto a 1TB drive.

No promises but I’ll try to get it on YouTube assuming the stupid tuner doesn’t kill itself.


Idk much about how our TV is set up, but I asked my brother and he said there wasn’t any way for us to get the recorded TV off of the box and onto a DVD or our computer.

P.S. How good of quality are the screen recorders? I was thinking about using one of those while the webcast was running 24-7 if I had too, except I guess there wouldn’t be any sound… and my brother wouldn’t be too happy not being able to use the computer for 2 days straight, then again I could just call him and let him know when the matches are (and I must remember about the time changes XP), but I’m not sure how willing he would be to start and stop it for me…

I don’t like the idea of using a screen recorder. If the webcast is in a certain stream format I believe recording would be possible.

Me neither but it might be the best I could do.

Anyone have a link for the NASA Robotics Alliance page that we can check for the stream?

Also, anyone know if the new game page will be posted when it’s announced or is the world wide release at a different time?

It should be here when it’s available:

I just checked and it is up on the website. No info about the web cast but it gives links to the game info…

It looks like when the cast is live, they will have a link from here

Yep, still waiting on webcast info. I really want to see the new game unveiling.

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Yeah, there a little last minute with putting it up…


Is the match schedule going to be available online so I can find out when my team (as well as others of interest) are going to be competing? It would be good b/c I live in Hawaii and the time difference is like 6 hours (if the are on early I might wake up early to watch it).

It might also be good for teams trying to scout because a computerized list would be easy to input in a database…

Yes, online results will be available. The location will probably be available tonight or tomorrow morning. I’ll post .csv files of the match schedules too after they’re available.

The supposedly live updates are available at: VEX Robotics World Championship 2023

If they are still sticking to posted agenda, then hopefully we will see results about 11:15am (Hawaii Time) or sooner. Hope they get the webcast link up soon!

The Links are up…

Are the playing fields really named after STEM?