Vex world LRT

Excuse me, I want to join the world’s LRT Driver meeting, how can I log in? Any link or website ? I want to join the driver meeting but I didn’t have robot and controller near me, can I have any way to join ? Thanks


Good drivers meeting!

We got our teams through inspection this morning, it went very, very smoothly. I was impressed how fast both the robot and field inspections went. It did sound like a huge call center on the Head Referee side, I guess to get 1600 teams through inspection in an 8 hour period it must have been a small army.

Nice job!

My last in-person Worlds was in 2011 at Disney/ESPN, would have never thought my next in-person one would be from my town.

Looking forward to the matches!


Here’s a leak for you Tyler leeks


Where is the live stream for the worlds live remote tournaments? I don’t want a recap or anything like that, I want a live stream of every match as it is happening.

There will be because that is how THEY ARE DOING VIDEO REPLAY FOR THE REFS.

Yes, you asked for it and they are going to try it. There will be a live feed for each of the divisions / subdivisions that will run non-stop. If you have an issue with a score you’ll check the feed, get the timestamp of the match and submit that to the referee team.

Look on each day for the live stream URL.


Ok. Thanks so much. I will wait and see!

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