Vex World Results


I came across this link to the Vex World Champs results posted on Chief Delphi.

It seems some of the teams have changed divisions from what was posted earlier in the week.

Thanks for the find.

Way to go Josh G!!! Teacher of the Year!


At 7:00 USA Eastern time NASA TV switched back to their regular schedule - “Exciting” Space Station updates.

Yahoo is webcasting what NASA TV is showing, and I can’t connect to any other Webcast feeds I have tried

I guess I won’t get to watch the Finals and the remaining awards. :mad: :frowning:


Placing four out of six teams into eliminations: very cool.

Having John V-Neun say, “your students have changed my mind about how fast Vex robots can be”: Priceless.

The event was well run, exciting, and a ton of fun. I can’t wait for next year.

And lets not forget doing awesome in the programming challenge and receiving an award…

Those shirts sure stand out on the webcast, Rick. I could even pick you out of the crowd!