Vex Worlds 2012 - Strongest Regions

I’ve made a long list of posts last year predicting which teams will do well from each region.

This year, I wanted to get commentary from teams on the top 3 teams from their region.

**RULES: **

  1. region is defined as a State of the USA, or a Country.
  2. Try to limit to only 3 teams, use the quote box and bold to highlight teams
  3. Please don’t pick your team

I’ll start the discussion off with my region,

I know I’m not supposed to list my own team, but 4886A and 4886B are really the only teams in Vermont going, as we have the only VEX program in Vermont.

(note: I’m only including the teams that I’ve competed against enough to tell how good they are… For example, 12A was a Nationals champion, but I haven’t personally seen them to know where they’d rank.)

In case you’re interested, VA has the following teams attending (Edit: in the high school division):
12A, 12D, 12F, 12K, 177B, 1575B, 1575C, 1575D, 1575E, 1851, 2068H, 2068Z, 2118A, 2190, 4774A, and 4987A.


The ACME teams (12) are always strong but, I think 24 (s^3) and 3086 (cheese) are also really good

These two have consistently dominated this year. They will both be bring improved robots to worlds.

What about us? (2001) We’re attending!

Oh yeah … I reffed at the event where you guys won excellence, congratulations by the way

Oops… Didn’t check the middleschool roster. :o

I’ve listed the highschool teams in my post.

I was focusing on VA. In the Mid-Atlantic region, though, Cheese and 24 are both very strong competitors, and would probably change my rankings…


Sorry, I forgot they aren’t from virginia. In that case, not to too my own horn, I think 2068Z has a very creative design

I think I remember seeing it, but I’ve forgotten a lot since last fall…


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Oh, okay! Yes, Cheese definitely dominated at the VMAC. They also helped us out with an issue, and we are grateful for that!

RoboDesigners-You guys came to the NOVA qualifier at our school, I think … we were the ones in the yellow shirts with the odd bee-looking thing on the back

(10 char).

From Indiana, there are several powerhouse teams.

Probably the best are:

  1. 1483A- They have won almost every competition in the Indiana area. They also won the Driver Skills award at US Nationals with a score of 32 (?).
  2. 1001G-This team is a very fast team. They have a NZ design that works very well. They have been in the finals almost every competition they have been to.
  3. 1193B- This team has a very good Tread design. They have won the Design Award at almost every competition they have been to. They have a GREAT Engineering Notebook.

I am pretty sure all of these teams (above) are going to Worlds.

Here is just some more great teams from the Indiana area.
*]1483 Teams
*]1001 Teams
*]1193 Teams
*]1115 Teams
*]77-- Teams (Zionsville Teams)
*]Many more which I forget :smiley:

Oh yeah… I remember you guys. (facepalm)


There are eleven teams in Michigan that are attending the World Championships. They are teams: 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 217W, 244A, 1101B, 1581A, 4540A (MS), 4540B (MS), 7581H, and 9581M.

I say the 3 best teams here (not including our team :slight_smile: ) are ranked in this order:
-1581A, The Motorheads: This team had a very strong run at Worlds last year. In the Round Up World Championships, they were Division Finalists, taking 5th place overall in the WC Eliminations. Also, they took 34th place in the Clean Sweep WCs. This year, they were Tournament Champions in 3 out of the 4 tournaments they competed in, and they were tournament finalists in the 4th (they lost only because their batteries ran out in the deciding match of the finals).
-38, Vexellent: This team’s robot weighs in at 30+ pounds! Despite this, though, they have had a strong season this year. They are the most experienced team around here, and their strategies have beaten us several times. They have an innovative pnuematic-clip intake that tightens and releases as quickly as a claw, but can pick up 4 separate objects at a time. They won an Excellence Award at one tournament and were the tournament champions at another.
(**In an unrestricted ranking, I would put my team, 7581H, in 3rd, but I’m not allowed).
-217W, The ThunderChickens (“Engineering New Ways To Cross The Road”): This team hasn’t had much competition experience this year, but when they did compete at the beginning of the season, they dominated everyone. Their robot is fast and very capable, their tactics are well-thought-out, and they are wizards of alliance selection.

There are many other great teams here, including the teams that went to Nationals instead of Worlds. It was so hard to choose 3!

Woops, I didn’t see that one. most of the really strong teams I’ve seen are from Maryland

They’re a great team in VEX, too. Last year, we qualified for Worlds in part because we picked them as an alliance partner. We were the 2nd seed team, and we were going to ally with the 1st seed team, but the ThunderChickens had watched all the qual. matches and told us that the 1st seed team was not good and was only 1st because it had good allies and weak opponents in the quals (and the TChickens were right; the 1st alliance was eliminated by the 8th Alliance). Instead, we said no to the 1st team and picked the ThunderChickens as our ally. They had a whole list of who they thought were the best teams, so for the 2nd pick, we chose the highes team left on their list. As a result, we had a kickbutt 3rd partner. The ThunderChickens really are wizards of alliance selection.

Although, they didn’t compete much after they won the 1st MI tournament and qualified for Worlds. I’m concerned that they may not have had enough practice to do great things at Worlds.