VEX Worlds 2013 Logistics

Every year VEX and RECF plan out a great VEX world championship event. Thank you to everyone who is involved in this process.

To help new teams to Worlds prepare for the logistics and dump of information.

Remember to fill out :

  1. Consent Forms - these need parent signatures
  2. Print out or glance at the event map
  3. The retail food menu is reasonable , but you might also want to look at nearby food options for dinner.
  4. High School Schedule starts off on Wednesday
  5. Travelling cases for robots can get abused, plan accordingly
  6. A physical VEX store is at the event if you need an extras parts.
  7. Get your skills challenge runs in early !
  8. Figure out a way to scout teams for alliance selection.
  9. Read through Rick Tyler’s 101 Things Guide !

Also for anyone who is traveling, avoid Chicago O’Hare Airport if possible. In my opinion, it is one of the world’s worst-run travel facilities and is likely to bring nothing but trouble.