Vex World's 2016

Our team, 4810e has built a linear puncher. We have the speed to 127 and we have 2 thin and 2 thick rubber bands on each side. The ball shoots just far enough to make it in the low goal. We have tried a lot and nothing is working. Any suggestions??

More rubber bands

Could you post a picture?

Hmm, make sure the friction is minimized. Also another suggestion is try and maximize the distance/time the puncher spends in contact after the ball after initial contact when it’s actually hitting the ball. This will maximize the force delivered. Obviously you don’t want it to be too long but there’s a sweet spot.

A picture would help. It may be difficult but changing the angle will help. I won’t go into the proof but 45 degrees to the horizontal will shoot furthest (assumptions have been made but that’s pretty much all i seem to be doing in physics these days). You can try more elastic bands. Also you want to maximise the impulse on the ball so try and increase how far forward the puncher goes.

I would suggest motor symmetry as well. Avoid an odd number of motors, and make sure any axle that is pulling back a piston is direct driven on BOTH ends. This significantly improved performance for our LP.

Why would you recommend avoiding odd numbers of motors? It seems to me that it wouldn’t make a difference…

2 thin and 2 thick ON EACH SIDE is MORE than enough. Try lubricating your slider, and try different different pull back distances. If it is a slip gear, a 36 tooth gear with 9 teeth shaved off is what I’ve seen works.