VEX Worlds 2017 Discord Chat

Hey all,

The Creators of the VEX Teams of the World Discord Chat are excited to announce a new chat specifically for VEX Worlds 2017.

You do not have to be attending VEX Worlds to join this chat. The chat is split to include a channel for all 10 divisions (6 HS, 2 VEXU, 2 MS). This chat is made to talk to others in your division, friends across divisions, or even people at home who are watching the live stream!

As with our other Discord Chat, we do have a few rules:

  1. Offensive content is not allowed. Act professionally and treat @everyone with respect.
  2. Keep swearing and “spam” messages to a minimum.
  3. Keep channel conversations related to the respective division. Other discussions belong in #general.

In order to participate, send a message with your name and team ID in the format Name | ID in #verify once you are in the server. You may be asked to verify this information through some other source. If you really do not want to disclose this info, feel free to PM @LegoMindstormsmaniac or @JustinM

Thanks everyone, and we look forward to seeing you! The link is below.

And if you have not already joined the VEX Teams of the World chat, feel free to use the link below.

Let us know if you have any questions!

Now that Division lists are out you can talk to all of the people in your division and scout them out even before you get to Louisville!

The invite link is in the original post, hope to see you there!