VEX Worlds 2017 on CBS Sports

Will anybody be recording and uploading the “VEX Worlds 2017” Program to YouTube? It is scheduled to air on television on CBS Sports June 11th. Sadly I will be out of town and unable to watch it. Thanks.

Im 99% sure vex is not allowed to post it on youtube, and it would be illegal for somebody else to post it. Just record it on your DVR.

Somone record it and put it on google drive, eyy that’ll be me :smiley:

but but but @cameronb745

They posted that a few months after it aired.

dont worry, there are going to be sources which may or may not be legal ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Wot is this “Legal” thing you speak of?

What time does the special air on CBS Sports?

We have to wait for this schedule to be updated: to get a time.