VEX Worlds 2017

As VEX Worlds 2017 approaches we wanted a couple ideas of what to hand out at VEX Worlds we have already decided on buttons with our logo and team number. But I was wondering if anyone that is going to Worlds wanted to trade team shirts. I’ve seen this happen in FRC but no so much in VEX so if anyone is interested in trading team shirts for one of ours feel free to PM before worlds.

That sounds really cool but in reality it is very expensive, and you wouldn’t profit by giving them away, some clubs or schools can afford but others can’t.

In Skyrise our team handed out small business cads with a few specs, what our autonomous did, a QR code for our Youtube channel and Google+ page.

Some teams give out items, but I would guess it it primarily teams who have had some experience with FLL, FTC or FRC. It has not been part of the VEX culture, at least here in Wisconsin, for the past 13 years (BV - before VEX).

Most teams only give stuff out at worlds, as there are so many teams they have not met. And worlds, for many teams, is the first time in the season that there is a formal booth. I would suggest giving something out, it gives something for other teams to remember you by.

Sugar always brightens everyones day.

To be honest, I wouldn’t trust someone’s specs on a card. I don’t trust these things until I see them. It’s not that I expect teams to be dishonest, they just aren’t always consistent. Getting a certain score once in autonomous doesn’t mean you’re going to get it all the time.

I totally agree. You must always check any information that is just on a card. This was partially why our team also put the QR code for the youtube channel, so a team that was interested could see matches etc. Obviously a team could only upload there best matches etc. (as most teams do). I see a handout as more of something that can help a team that is deciding who to pick to narrow down their choices. The team can then watch a match or two and see if what the card says is true or not. In my opinion, a handout should also have some facts. As on our Skyrise card we had North Texas State champion, 79 point average match, etc. These are facts that could be checked by just going on robot events or vexDB. Making them very believable to any picking team.

Yep, that’s a better idea. In general, I don’t find many statistics to be accurate in VEX, especially this year, so I mostly pick on gut feeling. It usually works out for me, but I am worried that I may be in a picking position with teams I don’t know very well at Worlds. So it would be a blessing and a curse to be a captain.

I’ve always joked that if someone were to give me food, I’d automatically pick them. I felt kind of bad when somebody gave me a cupcake at regionals and I didn’t pick them…

We thought about making in-expensive business cards (actually making them with special paper, not ordering.) And attaching them to a candy bar and silicone bracelet. The bracelets we found are 200 for 40.00-ish plus shipping. What do you guys think?

We would give out the business cards to teams we play with, and then the top 10 teams before the alliance selections

On which website

Not sure what website @4004YWarriors used but vistaprint advertises $9.99 for 500 cards.