VEX Worlds 2018 Product Unveil

We’re happy to announce more information about the V5 system.

Take your VEX EDR robot to the next level with V5 - available now for pre-sale! For more information, and to place your order, please visit

We expect our first V5 to start shipping in August, and will be legal for the 2018-2019 competition season.

The President of VEX, Paul Copioli also announced some pretty big rule changes today for VEX U and next year’s competition season.
VUG1 – Bringing back 2 robots per team!
VUR3 - Robots must use the V5 control system
VUR4 - Unlimited number of V5 motors!
VUR2 - Expanding legal VEX mechanical parts to include: VEX IQ & VEXpro

  • Unlimited use of plastic
  • Unlimited use of aluminum and steel
  • Unlimited use of 3D printed parts

We can’t wait for a fantastic 2018-19 season!

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What’s with the color change? Are there two options?

Also, I don’t think I heard them say anything about this, but when is the VCS going to be officially released?

The announcement and website state one trade in per registered team number. What if it is a VexU team, do they get two tradeins per registered team since they now need two robots for next year?

Does the motor trade in still apply?

any changes like this for VRC?

These are all really exciting changes for VEXU! Kinda sad I’m too old now to come back next year.

With the unlimited use of aluminium and steel, does mean teams can buy off the shelf parts that are built entirely out of alu or steel?

is there anything other than honesty or cost to prevent teams from using materials that resemble plastic, aluminium, or steel, in potentially unlimited quantities?

Yes. They specifically clarified that lathing, etc. was allowed.

What I’m asking about is, for example, can a team go and buy a gearbox that was made entirely out of aluminium and steel and use it? Rather than machining it themselves out of billet? Is there a line or is it completely open now?

Oh, I see. I got the impression that such things would be legal. After all, how would they (a) [at inspection] differentiate between custom machining and factory machining and (b) [in writing] define and differentiate between “raw” metal and non-“raw” metal?

Someone noted, and VEX acknowledged, that the previous color scheme was too similar to VEX IQ. Presumably the color change is to clearly differentiate IQ and EDR.

These changes are gonna make it a lot more expensive to start up a Vex U team :confused: I was estimating 1-1.5k before but now it will be at least 1k just for the 2 control systems. And we need more people on our team :stuck_out_tongue: Great changes but we will need to do more fundraising lol.

I’m so stoked for the new system - my students will love the improvements. One thing I wonder, are the voltage and amperage limits for the motor based in hardware or software? Will we have to worry about nefarious types hacking the limits?

It sounds like we can use 3d printed aluminum and steel parts. this year’s rules said “An unlimited number of plastic 3D printed parts, each less than 3” x 6” x 6”.” VS “Unlimited use of 3D printed parts”.

It’s firmware limit as I understand it. I would assume that there is some validation between the brain and the motor firmware. Now any programming is susceptible to hacking but the integrity of the community as a whole and Vex should be able to stay ahead with updates as necessary.

Nice I can’t wait either!!

Okay, that makes sense, however, I do not care for the dark gray and red. I like the original colors much more than the new ones. It’s probably too late, but if they could replace the red colors with white, it would be much easier to read the numbers of the ports on the brain, and it would look a lot better in my opinion. What do you guys think of the new color scheme?

I like it, the matte black is very nice imo. I think it is too late to change it, with pre ordering starting today, I know they won’t ship until August but I imagine it is too late to change at this point

I like the black more because it makes it seem more sci-fi-ish but I think it would look cooler with blue text or white text instead of red text. Though it probably is too late to change it now, there’s nothing preventing them from changing the color scheme later.

Blue text = VEX IQ