Vex Worlds 2020 Vex IQ Inspection

For Vex Worlds 2020, Vex IQ Division, how will the robot be inspected? At states they had a wooden box that you put the robot in to see if it fit. Will Vex Worlds have the same?

Robot inspection at worlds will use the official sizing tool.

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Each robot being inspected should be required to be on and powered by a fully charged battery and, by moving the arms with the controller buttons, the robot should stay within all physical dimensions with all allowable and programmed movements. Moving an arm by hand and moving an arm by powered motor can result in a different height/position.

Are you allowed to “manipulate” the robot to go through the sizing tool only for width? My robot is pretty big and it is almost 11 inches wide so I am just making sure.

You can’t touch the robot while it’s being sized and the robot has to be inside the limit at the start of a match so you can’t manipulate the robot to go through the sizing tool for inspection. Sometimes refs will also do random size checks at the beginning of a match.

Sorry I am a little confused, you can’t touch the robot while it is being sized? At local and regional tournaments the refs make you move it in yourself. Does worlds have a different way of being inspected?

At least for vrc when the robot is being sized you can’t touch the robot while the inspectors are sizing the robot because then you could force parts of the robot through the sizing tool and it would make sense that the same applies to Vex Iq.

Vex Iq inspection is different from vrc. There is a sizing tool VEX IQ Competition Robot Sizing Tool - VEX Robotics that you have to move the robot through.

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Some events use a wooden box to inspect the robot.

Yes, at World’s (for IQ) you aren’t allowed to touch the bot while it’s being inspected.

So do the judges move it?

Move as in moving your claw/arm/etc? No. You do that.

I mean do the judges move the drivebase?

No, but they may ask you too.

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I quoted you, but don’t take it personal.

Hi roboteers, lets learn new words!

Referee: That’s the person / people that control the matches (skills, qualifications or finals). They rule on match rules like entanglement, crossing the center line during autonomous, etc.

Your appeal process is to the Head Referee, then the Event Partner.

Judge: That’s the person / people that decide judged awards, like Design, Build, Amaze, etc. They get input in from referees for things like Sportsmanship. You can appeal their decision to the Event Partner.

Inspectors: They scrutinize your robot to make sure that it meets size requirements, has the right brain, is at or under the motor count, etc. You can appeal their decisions to the Head Referee. During matches the referee or Head Referee can ask for you to be reinspected. They may opt to do it right there, or they may call over an inspector to do the quick on the field re-inspection.

Event Partner: this is the volunteer that is running the event, all things flow down hill to them. They are not to meddle in the affairs of judges (per the Judging guide) and tend not to overrule the referees or inspectors unless there is a pretty blatant miss-read/ miss-application of the rules.

RECF Regional Support Manager – Things that the Event Partner has questions about go to the RSM. There is normally NOT an RSM on site at the event, so things that happen events that get sent to the RSM are after the fact. If you have something that really goes sideways at an event and the EP can’t/won’t fix it, contact your RSM as soon as you can.

On the other hand, you are in luck at Worlds. 99% of the people that are inspectors, judges or referees are volunteers. But Worlds has lots of RECF people around (or as they say in Kentucky, ya’ll can’t swing a dead cat around without hitting an RSM)

At worlds the EP is an RECF person, so escalating issues to the EP will work.

Let’s now dovetail this people description list to the rules. There are rules on how the robot will be inspected, and what the dimensions are. There is also a common sense rule. So if your robot needs to be inspected assuming that it is vertically balanced off the back left corner, they are going to say “OK, so balance it and we will measure it”. Otherwise, it’s all 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 wheels on the field and you go from there.

Pro-tip: I deliberately miss-build my sizing tool to be 1/2 inch under the limits. That way when they show up for inspection, they miss the limits and it’s an easy inspection for size.

Hope this helps, good luck at Worlds!


please don’t attempt this.


Thank you for the information