Vex Worlds 2020

Any tips towards preparing for Vex worlds, my team has just qualified for the first time, so were trying to reach out to any teams that have gone to vex worlds before. Just want to make our first experience a good one.


First off, congratulations on your worlds qualification!
I do have one tip, which is to plan out when to run your skills runs, if possible. The lines do sometimes get long, and you may not have enough time to do skills. My team happened to be in this position at about 3-ish on Friday lol. (Skills does close on Friday at 3:15pm if I remember correctly.)
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Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun and be ready to learn, and if I qualify as well, then see you at worlds! Good luck and once again, congrats on your worlds qual!


I have not been to worlds before but a tip that I think would be helpful is to teach your driver not to stress out or help him not to do that in any way. Our driver gets stressed at times and part of the reason for that is that he is worried about what the results will be and whether we lose or not. If you are able to help he/she to do this (if he/she already has nerves of steel, then this is useless for you) it will help your team to do better at worlds. Another tip is practice, you can rebuild your robot but leave time for your driver to practice what he is not as good at. I have seen some teams spend all their time rebuilding that there driver didn’t get enough practice (or no practice at all) and they either didn’t perform well or they knew that they weren’t going to do well and dropped out. Those are my two tips for you. And good luck at worlds! :grinning: (and hopefully we will be there too).


For worlds you need to win states right?

There are other ways to qualify, too. At some events (signature and maybe create), there are some awards that can directly qualify you for world’s

Really? I didn’t know you could qualify to worlds from create. Could someone verify this?

You can’t qualify from the create U.S open sadly :frowning_face:, but I hope that they get worlds qualification spots eventually (this would probably be unlikely). The benefit of it not being connected to worlds I think is that they can do stuff like video replays (they did this in ITZ).


So nationals is just… there

also I’m talking about usa just making sure

Yeah, it’s kind of like a smaller worlds and a lot of the best teams are there. It’s still a great accomplishment to win at the u.s open.


Depending on the state. Most states are tournament champ, excellence and skills that can get you into worlds.