Vex Worlds Championship 2021-2022

Hello Everybody,
Is there any other way to get into worlds if you lost before the semifinals in states?

Post good skills scores!


if There are double qualifications then they will take spots of of the skills list in order of teams who havent qualified. SO if you have a really good skills score in your state like top 3-5 depending on which state and how mnay spots your states has then you can qualify based on that.


There’s skills and the other awards like Excellence, Think, Design, Amaze, and others i can’t remember.


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If states is already over then you can’t win any of the other awards so you just left with skills.

Yes, if you win another worlds qualifying award, or if other teams double qualify and your team is high enough on the skills standings to take that open spot

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For next year, you can also try to win one of the Online Challenges, although I think they already named the winners for this year.

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