VEX Worlds Community Award Prompt

SO I was looking around for the community award prompt for VEX worlds and i found the list on robot events but I don’t have a login so i was wondering if anyone could tell my the prompt. This would be a huge help.

The Community Award is presented to a team that should be recognized for making a difference in the community. This team demonstrates strong community building skills and has made many contributions to help support students and teams beyond their own school. This award is given to a team that makes a concerted effort to raise support in their community for technology education programs. To be considered for this award at the VEX Worlds, teams must pre-submit a 500- word essay during the presubmittal period. Late submittals will not be accepted for this award.

Please submit a 500 word essay explaining your team’s effort to raise support in your community for technology education programs.

Side note: You can just create a RobotEvents account (there’s no restriction to who can have accounts).

Thanks This will help a lot

when does it need to be submitted

March 20.

Oh, I wasn’t aware of that.

We were working on submission of a video for create us open, so we just now saw where you had to do something for worlds also