VEX Worlds Costume Contest

Hey guys! So I recently heard of the fact that there is a Costume Contest being held at VEX Worlds. More Info:

I’m making this post for two reasons - one, to inform any of you who don’t know about it, and
two - asking the general populace what your guys’s plans are if you are participating.
My team is debating wrapping ourselves in giant USA flags, but that might have us sacrificing mobility.

But isn’t patriotism well worth sacrificing mobility?


While true, I doubt we can carry a robot while penguin waddling around in a 5x3 ft America flag. Might buy it just to hang on my wall though.

If you have a big enough group you could have a type of “Standard Bearer” that carries around the flag on a big banner with you guys.

Will there be a costume competition at the U.S. Open? We’re packing a crusader outfit for one of the team members.

I would have been Ansel Elgort from Baby Driver to see if anyone gets it. I doubt anyone would recognize the joke.


Nothing official for a contest at the Open.

Do we want to do an unofficial costume contest, then?

Oh boiiiii! VEX Just made a grave mistake :wink:


I wonder how many people are going as DRow?


DRow probably. Don’t know much after that.