Vex Worlds Divisions Placement

Does anyone know how teams are placed in different divisions for Worlds? I think it may be based on the notebook, like if you have exceptional sketches you may be placed in the art division.

The division titles don’t have any correlation with the team itself. It’s mostly done through a pattern of just placing people in based on what number they are in the alphabetical order. The only rule to the pattern is that no teams from the same organization can be in the same division.

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Here’s the relevant item from the VEX Worlds Team FAQ:

Q: How are teams assigned to the different Divisions?
A: Teams are randomly assigned to the Divisions. It should be noted that teams
from the same organization/school will be split across the Divisions. While teams
will be split into different Divisions randomly, we expect that most pit areas will be
in sequential order for each Division.

the division names are just a way to tell them apart, they correspond to teams in no way.

This is not a rule. If your organization had enough teams qualify for Worlds, you could have multiple teams in the same division. I believe the largest number of teams qualifying from a single organization was eight (not this year), which would mean two divisions would have two teams from that club.


True, but they tend to try and avoid it when possible. If an organization qualifies more teams than there are divisions, then it’s implied that some divisions will need to take more than one of them.

Didn’t we figure out that they just went in numerical order, and just counted everyone 1-6 to pair up the divisions? I thought we also had a conversation on why that technically isn’t random. I’ll look for the post and edit afterwards.

EDIT- see this thread:

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Unlike previous years they did not do this for the 2019 world championship, Starstruck was the only other year they did not numerically sort divisions. This year they were actual rng As far as we know.

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