Vex Worlds Divisions

This is a quick questions, but do you guys know when Vex Worlds Division Lists usually get posted?
Team 952C

I do believe the divisions were posted a week beforehand for VEX Worlds 2018 if I am not mistaken. I would expect the same thing for 2019. Division info should be posted on RobotEvents: High School & Middle School.

Once the main qualifying deadline passes in mid-March, I expect someone to post a spreadsheet predicting the match lists based on the tentative team list and the way they usually assign teams to divisions.

Of course, the division lists would change every time a team is added or removed, so the predictions probably won’t be that accurate until a week or two before Worlds.

(Also, I remember in Starstruck they randomized the division lists slightly, but I think it went back to normal for ITZ - which is to go down the list in numerical order and put a team in each division,)