Vex Worlds Finals Predictions

Knowing the way Vex Competitions work, not everything goes as planned as to who makes it to the final matches. However, what are your predictions about who will make it to the finals? I believe teams that can lift and also score pre-loads with a fielding partner will be the alliances in finals.

disco will probably be in the finals.

And only the finals? Will the curse live on?

I was thinking this as well but I believe the Robonauts have a high chance too.

Cough cough 2915 four peat?

118 has a pretty good lift and so does 974x. At US Open, they played a really hard team in the quarter finals. I think they should of made it to the finals. 400X could make it to the finals easily too.

Disco canadian team(s)
Disco texas team(s)

Some others that I cannot think of right now lol. The list can be pretty long, and anything could happen!

Ya, so many good teams!

I know that this isn’t the question, but I predict math division win.
Although, most of the really good lifting teams that I know of are in other divisions.
It’s much harder to tell this year than last year.

I’m just hoping we’ll be able to sneak our way in there as a second pick. :wink: We’re a good fielding bot in the Math division, so it could definitely happen. I give it a 10% that we make it to the Round Robin.

I like to be an optimist.

Guess most of you have forgotten about the teams from Asia… especially the China teams…
Don’t forget - the unofficial programming skills scores by a margin are from China… and yes, some of them will be there.

Chinese teams don’t really tend to reveal later in the year.
One of the major issues with that is that we don’t recognize their numbers, and no one ends up talking about them.
I realize that there are so many great non-English speaking teams, but they don’t get publicized because of it. They really don’t get enough attention in my opinion.

That statement is a bit immature. Just because you know nothing about the teams, you shouldn’t degrade your respect for them. Because of opinions like these, their skills scores don’t show up on the official rankings. I know Disco bots is revealing right now, but earlier in the season when you knew almost nothing about them, you still respected them. I would argue you have seen more of high scoring Chinese robots than good teams like 400x/60x/2587/1104.

I agree with Meng. I believe this years game will come down to auton, something China is very strong at. Everyone seems to be on the Disco craze, but the best teams will have the best autons.

Yeah there’s a very real chance that the field will be mostly cleared during auton in the highest matches.

Cough cough 69 cough cough

I’m thinking they could pull it off, let’s see.

I think that we could pull it off it all depends if we can load the monster fast enough.

I believe that 400X will win their division but I highly doubt that 2587z (Texas Discobots) will win their division because they can only field (from what I can see) but I think 2587g could. 2587g has a puncher and very good flywheel for barshots.

They could still win with just a fielding bot, as it doesn’t matter where they rank, as long as a good team picks them such as one with full fielding capabilities

I don’t think he meant anything bad by that. I take it as he thinks they should get more recognition but they just dont.