Vex Worlds Gamepiece

I know this was discussed a while back, but I think now as we near worlds more and more people will realize this is a problem. I really noticed it at states this year, where my alliance had the field cleared with a bit to go. We didn’t have a lift bot so we just drove in circles. Now if the field is being cleared at the state level that quickly, then during the eliminations at worlds it’s gonna be even worse. A good lift bot can lift in 10-15 seconds or less, there is much more time than that left in a match. So what do you all think should be done? A couple white balls that are worth more points? An entirely new element to lifting?

There won’t be any changes made to the game, but you’re right, fields will be cleared really quickly. Early in the season I was thinking about how the game would be played if there were different point values for different ranges on the field, like the 3 point line in the NBA.

Oh that’s a really cool idea, would’ve made the skills scores pretty crazy though, and people would definitely start going for accuracy over speed.

I think there are too many driver loads this year. I would have liked two more stacks in the field, which would increase game length by like 5 seconds :smiley:
I’m guessing there will be more defense, but from what I’ve seen, that’s going to be kind of useless and will only slow down teams by a bit.
Maybe emptying the net after a minute… That would make life terrible for the scorekeepers though :stuck_out_tongue:
How about double point “zones” (like what’s been mentioned, but a circle or something, not a basketball like thing)? It’ll be hard to keep track of though.

In any VRC game there’s a lot of variables that come into play in ensuring that the game is playable. Considering there aren’t any official referees or scorekeepers, adding too many elements such as looking at where the robot shot from would be difficult for volunteers and in general. I’m pretty sure the GDC knew that robots would be capable of clearing the field, and added elevation to the end of the match to issue another challenge. I do agree that there are lots of preloads this year, more than ever both in the number of objects and percentage of objects total. In fact, 61.5% of all balls are introduced as preloads.

There should have been a de-score element. It’s been two years (since tossup) since we have been actively involved in de-scoring and re-scoring game elements. Hopefully next years game integrates this, it was way more fun that way. Plus you will never have an issue where the game ends before time is called.

There were predictions of fast field clears and dead time. At worlds, most matches will have at least one lifting robot, but lift can take less than 10 seconds. We know that there will be no new game piece, but extra bonus white balls would be a cool idea. Who knows, maybe Karthik will surprise us.
This game isn’t fit for de-scoring, but I hope that next year’s game is more defensive, and includes

I am completely sure that there will be no new game objects. The GDC doesn’t even change rules at this point, let alone shake up game strategy entirely by adding new objects. This would throw off practiced teams and I know a good few teams would be upset.

It would be an interesting idea to randomly place them on the field in the last 30 seconds, especially if they were worth 15pts a piece and there were 4 or 5 of them… Its never happened before but I would be excited more than upset if they added something. I don’t expect it, but you never know.

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been saying they should place a fully bonus ball pyramid dead center of the field. I think that would make the game really interesting, especially autonomous :wink:

I do like how end games have gradually become more important in VEX (although sometimes i would argue their point values to be TOO match-effecting).

One thing I’d love (that likely wont come any time soon) is the re-introduction of scoring elements as they are scored, similar to some past FRC games. bringing a “human player” factor to vex COULD be really fun although it could be a terrible idea too haha.

Id love to see the reintroduction of descoring. I really loved the idea of easy mass-descoring in sack attack where a game can totally change in the matter of a second. it caused people to score and protect and at times, decide which one was more important at a specific time.

Either way, cant wait to see what comes in the future!

Also keep in mind worlds always uses brand spankin new game elements. It’s the big leagues!

If you have been using game pieces that have been scuffed over the season, you may want to order a fresh box to ensure your robot still works as well as you want. (Feel sorry for the field resetters, those new balls on new tiles are difficult)

This new game piece has caused teams issues in the past. Gateway seemed to have the most issues with the plasticizer making the plastic cylinders slippery. Other games had some differences too. Sack attack had bags that were actually full. Toss Up had beach balls that were not popped and buckeys with slippery plasticizer, skyrise pieces with some slip and bases still intact. :slight_smile:

That would be really cool, that would guarantee some serious game play in the last 15 seconds.

Don’t expect VEX to change rules this far into the season. Just saying.

I agree with you but with balls haveing a large range of compressions the real question is after all those matches will they ever change ball sets.

They might, if a team gets really pissy about it. I honestly don’t know, because this is VEX we’re talking about. These are the people who have such great quality control that their motto is:
“We bend our axels so that you don’t have to.” (Credit to @Anemeh18 for that quote)

You could descore in Sky-rise on the neutral gray post if the cube was not fully on the post. That helped us win a tournament or two. Knock one off and put one full on was fun.

We won 2 tournaments last year by one point by doing that. #pt2 #cavcup #clawbot2op

They definitely won’t change anything, but this does bring up what I’ve felt is the biggest downfall of this year’s game (there’s been a LOT to love, so overall I give the game a B). However, this game can end with plenty of time left.

I think that a good game would always provide you with something to do, whether it be defending the other team or descoring objects. The limitations on entering the climbing zone is understandable, but that rule combined with the inability to descore makes for a boring end.

Maybe instead of leaving the balls that leave the playing field out permanently, they can be reintroduced in the last 30 seconds on play. There can be a set location to reintroduce them at to reduce bias.