Vex Worlds Half Time Show

What if… Vex Worlds had a concert.? Who would perform? ^just an idea vex. I know that FIRST has had private concerts at Worlds with artists like the Black Eyed Peas and at FIRST Worlds 2014

Black Eyed Peas at FIRST Worlds 2011
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In the dim and distant past, I do remember them bringing in Arc Attack for a Worlds (or more? it was a while ago)


I remember this! Was cool at the time, but I think it would take away from the competition.


I saw Journey with the Steve Perry replacement not that long ago - they have a lot of well know songs that everyone knows. So I think Journey for us older folks and maybe Khalid for the students.

If the REC Foundation only had the budget…

Is anyone interested in $3000 per team registration fees so we can do this?!?


Arc attack as mentioned by @John_TYler has played at 2 different vex worlds and would be within the budget.

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who is arc attack. if vex budged beter and used less money on all the lights and smoke machines and just draped a table cloth over the new game and whip it offthey would save thousands. vex could hire someone more well known also while they`r making reasonable decisions they can speed up the shipping hire drow to the game desigh cometie and make a water game, unfortanatly i dont belive this will happen

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I know I’m immediately going to be criticized for saying this, but I love the special effects at Worlds. It makes the event actually seem special and adds flavor to the championship. I would definitely not want to reduce the special effects and use that money towards half time shows and such. If they use that money to hire better referees or something to actually improve the whole tournament, then I’d like that. But anything else is off the table in my opinion.


I think people underestimate how much good music acts cost


I think this has a few really potential problems.

  • Cost for the show is going to have to come from somewhere and I do not see sponsors thinking this cost is going to help the program
  • Time when are they going to potentially take an hour away from the event for this?
  • FIRST Had a fun experience with WILL I AM that you can probably find on Youtube…

First of all this event is RECF with the help of sponsors like VEX. The budget is not just for the event either, it used in PR materials and other items through out the year. Like @Electrobotz They want the event to feel special and unique. I know I liked all the effects.

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Was it really not worth the seconds it would take to Google them

Band that uses Tesla coils and robotic drum sets.


Well, without getting crazy expensive, what other options would the event have?

Something volunteer-oriented is a possibility. Something like a Vex-sponsored student-centered talent show (with online auditions ahead of time), and Vex May be able to offer somewhat small ($50-$150) online vouchers for each team participating, though I admit that might add up quickly.

Or maybe feature more online challenges to be featured during this “halftime show,” but I think we all know how that would go… (for example, FRC has that safety video thing, team promotional, etc.)

Because, as The Great Dan Mantz stated above, any real high profile act would raise admission fees quite a bit, that’s not really an option on our scale. (FRC can do it because they charge so much to enter anyway, and they also have a lot of other expenses to cover.)

Any other ideas along this track?



I was trying to be humorous about adding big name professional music acts as a half time show at VEX Worlds. We could not afford to do this without significantly increasing fees or adding to an already tight schedule. I apologize to those that misunderstood my response. I need to remember my sense of humor does not always translate on the forums (or at the office or at home for that matter).

We are evaluating ways to improve the user experience for the students, coaches and their families. But adding Journey or Khalid isn’t really an option. However having interactive activities or continuing to promote fun events such as costume contests is possible. But we understand that the focus will always be the students and the competition itself.

Again, sorry for any confusion.



So what along these lines can we, as students, suggest and reinforce?

I’ve suggested once, a while ago, a clawbot assembly/disassembly speed contest. The winner(s) would collect a jar of random parts that had been recovered from the fields throughout the event.
As EPs certainly know, stuff will fall off of robots and they have to take care of it. I’m not sure how big of a problem this is at the World scale (because of the number of very high quality builders), but it may be an idea.
Or just a team raffle for that jar. Just a way to take responsibility off of the World EPs for disposing if those parts.

Also, I’m sure this probably already happens at quite a few events, but what about a few additional student-voted awards? A ballot would be given to each team at check-in and collected before the Round Robin.
Possible awards could include student energy, student design, student sportsmanship, unique robot, etc.
This would cost very little to put on, but only a bit of extra organization is necessary.


We are meeting on VEX Worlds 2020 in a couple weeks. I’ll share your ideas.