VEX Worlds Information

The REC Foundation Marketing team just sent a fantastic email with lots of great information and links for VEX Worlds. I know that some of the community does not get these emails. Here is the link:

I want to point out two specific things that were the top 2 complaints per the post VEX Worlds feedback last year (yes, we actually do read those surveys and try to make improvements when we can).

Parking: Last year we did not provide a team parking pass like we had in Louisville because I was convinced everyone would walk to KBHCC. This year "all registered teams will receive one complimentary parking space in Surface Lot E. "

Food: Last year the lines were long and the vendors did not accept cash. We were not able to change the no cash policy but we are selling vouchers ahead of VEX Worlds. And we have increased the number of vendors and have added additional locations. We are hopeful this helps. And I am confident that more of the Dallas area restaurants will offer delivery and extended hours now that they realize what a massive event VEX Worlds is.

Please note the detailed information regarding the Vouchers:

This year you can purchase meal vouchers for use at Sodexo/Centerplate locations throughout the venue. For more details on meal options and purchasing vouchers, click the link below.

NOTE: All Vouchers must be purchased by April 7, 2023. Vouchers will not be available after that time.

Our goal at the REC Foundation is to improve on the VEX Worlds experience every year. We had some growing pains last year following a two year hiatus and a new facility. We have learned and have made “iterative” improvements, all properly documented in our VEX Worlds Design Process Notebook.




Hey Dan, can you make your VEX Worlds Design Process Notebook available for teams to learn about this “iterative” design process?

Thanks for all you and your team do!


Was not able to attend worlds last year, feel like I am missing a lot and having quite a bit of information gaps.

Anyone able to share if there will still be a VEX store in the venue whereby we still can do last min or urgent purchases over the counter?

And also (not exactly related to worlds), any news about pre-order of next season’s game elements?

PS. @DanMantz thanks for getting back to us with a solution for this cashless situation.


There was a VEX store last year. Could purchase parts and if it wasn’t there when you ordered it, would come by on one of their truck deliveries.


I second this; last year there was basically no stock on site, other than some motors, batteries, and brains. Orders had to be submitted basically the previous day in order to get them on time. Wasn’t ideal when desperately looking for a replacement sensor… Hopefully there will be more stock on site this time around.


I’m glad that they have at least instituted meal vouchers. Cashless was a hassle even though we knew about it advance because you had to have a physical credit card last year. None of the vendors had any NFC “tap-to-pay” devices. We had assumed that Google/Apple pay would be accepted when it was cashless.

The interesting thing was that when we got there on the first day, the vendors were taking cash. After the first hour or so, they were told not to take cash and they put up hand-written signs that they were cashless. I asked one of the vendors about it and was told that they always take cash and going completely cashless was not normal. Maybe this wasn’t accurate, but they were poorly prepared for cashless payments with older swipe/chip card readers.

@DanMantz, will the cashless system this year be able to accept Google/Apple Pay or other similar NFC touchless payment methods. Most of the roboteers do not carry credit cards, but can have one linked to their phones.

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And I would be most interested in the page with a sketch of the round-robin pool for the next year finals with the drawing of @DRow in lifeguarding outfit on the sidelines.

Thank you. @DanMantz :blush: