Vex Worlds match videos

Hi all,

I know that the there was a live feed for Vex Worlds, but is there anywhere i can go to find recordings of the matches?

Thanks in advance,

All the links to the webcasts can be found here: Select the “webcast” tab and select what you’re looking for. Its all through livestream and each div has its own “channel”. There is also a main channel (VRC Ch. 1) that contains all the ceremonies and finals, etc.

Brilliant Ethan, thanks for that!

When I used robot events and even going to the livestream website, I could only ding the first day and last few finals matches for the Science division. Is there another place where all the matches actually are watchable?

@Miniomnis I see it all there. Click on the “event posts” button in the top right corner of the livestream screen on robotevents. This should list all the files. On the livestream site, its the button in the top-right of this screenshot.