VEX Worlds & New Game Reveal

Given that the middle school and high school Worlds schedules do not overlap this year, has anyone heard any rumblings about when the 2022-23 Game Reveal will occur?

ideally we won’t know anything about the next game until probably the end of the vrc portion of worlds. Ideally.


actually this new format for worlds schedule is not ideal for non-US teams… esp those that have multiple teams stretching from MS to VAIC.

The latest that i heard is… MS worlds, follow by HS worlds (still not too bad)… and then VAIC worlds in june.

I am not sure how many international teams are able to go for different worlds so many times in the same season.

Let’s hope this year VAIC worlds is just an one-off schedule (due to the delay in rollout), and it will be back with the rest of the pack for subsequent seasons.


not really ideal for anyone, it overlaps just about as much as it possibly could with AP testing. but it was probably a matter of venue booking leaving these dates as the best available time worlds could have been reasonably hosted.

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I don’t envy the RECF & VEX decision-makers - the truth is you can never make everyone happy. The Dallas venue looks incredible though so I hope we make it!