Vex Worlds Predicament

Do remember that if they do end up postponing it (which is highly unlikely), then they would also need to be able to rent the venue out for those days. Back when worlds was held in Louisville, this could have been possible. But, it is now in Dallas, making it harder to postpone.

Also, I agree with @Xenon27 in which mass vaccination at that scale will not occur prior to vex worlds. The current rate at which vaccinations are occurring is very slow. It is also important to mention that the vaccine is 95% effective, not 100%. So, there would still need to be major restrictions in place to ensure that VEX Worlds doesn’t become a super spreader. Finally, there is this new strain of COVID that is currently being transmitted in the US and around the world. Luckily, the new vaccine should be effective against it but if the virus mutates more, the vaccine could yield ineffective.


This view is, quite frankly, extremely dangerous. We’re learning a lot about COVID, and it looks like it does serious lung damage to people, even if they don’t show any symptoms and feel fine. We don’t know if the effects go away, or if they might show up later in life. Even if you’re young, take precautions, don’t think “oh, I’m young, I won’t get a serious case, I’m fine.”

“They are seeing there is damage to the lungs in these asymptomatic children. … We don’t know how that is going to manifest a year from now or 2 years from now,” Alonso told Palm Beach County commissioners at a July meeting. “Is that child going to have chronic pulmonary problems or not?”


I’m doubting all 840 team slots will be filled for the HS and MS divisions. Which may make is a little easier to socially distance, It would really help to not allow spectators entirely. For a big event like this, you’re going to need to explain to your school district board on how you would be socially distancing as some school district required a board meeting for out of state field trips.


To add to @AlecMiller, I read a study conducted by the CDC and it found that while the hospitalization rate was low for children, after a child was hospitalized, 1 out of 3 ended up in the ICU. If a lot of elementary school, middle school, and high school aged individuals congregate together, then the chance of a large amount of those individuals getting hospitalized goes up.

Also, there is still pediatric multi-inflammatory syndrome, which can be caused by COVID that seems to impact children. Let’s also add on the fact that high schoolers seem to spread COVID at a faster rate than do elementary and middle schoolers.


Another thing to keep in mind here is, as safe as you make the event, teams need to eat. If you are eating, definitionally, you cannot have a mask on. The thought of thousands of students descending on a city for a few days, all eating at locations near the convention center, presumably many of them indoors (not sure how seriously Texas is taking this, but if it’s anything like most of the US, I’m guessing not particularly so there will be plenty of indoor dining)… That’s bad.

And let me stress, you cannot eat indoors safely. You are not wearing a mask, and the HVAC is blowing the COVID all over the room. Please, do not eat indoors at restaurants.


I don’t even see it listed on the convention center’s calendar anymore, and I don’t see an Avenue to safely have that many people congregated in one place. With the scale or any scale of event they want to host, there’s no way to social distance properly.

I wouldn’t feel comfortable attending Worlds physically in any capacity.


Just curious, where are you seeing this calendar? I know that there used to be a calendar page on the convention center’s website but I can’t find it anymore.



The REC Foundation will be providing a VEX Worlds 2021 update later this week. We are committed to providing students the opportunity to safely participate in our VEX Robotics programs, either in person or through remote events including live remote tournaments and remote skills tournaments.




This was the worst year for a swing game.


Swimg game is always bad :triumph:


I have to disagree. Turning point is my all time favourite game.


Nah, ITZ was the coolest.


if done right swing games can be good, but often they’re too easy and are only fun when you have a well matched opponent. games like itz and tt didn’t rely on an opponent to make the game work well.


Let’s go back to the Worlds discussion.

If REC Foundation believes that Worlds can be hosted safely with everyone’s cooperation, then I believe it. I’ve been in the program for five years no I’ve seen almost no safety concerns. Even games with no shooting elements, we are still required to wear safety glasses. They care about the safety of everyone. It’s viable unless RECF or Dallas local government said so.


It appears as if Worlds was taken off the event map? I can’t see it anymore.


Rip rip rip rip rip rip. Not good


Well worlds could be split up in 2 pieces. After reginals the RECF will take teams in split them in divisions in both IQ and VRC. In those divisions who ever is the winner will compate in the worlds compition it should limit down the people.

I am hearing some rumors that say this isn’t necessarily what it seems. Let’s hold off on speculation until Dan says what he has to say.


Great news for us we will have state tests and if I make it to worlds we will take milestones right after we get back