Vex Worlds Predicament

Sorry to bug you @DanMantz, but what is the current forecast for the cost of attending Worlds? Even a vague idea (less than normal, more than normal, probably the same) would be helpful.

If you’re waiting for the townhall for a climactic cost reveal, I can wait :).


Will 2019 (TP) Worlds winners who would have qualified for 2020 (TT) Worlds qualify for 2021 (CU) Worlds or 2022 (WG) Worlds? If they qualify for 2021 Worlds, will it be for the LRT/Live Skills division or for the “Elite Worlds” (EW) in Dallas?

Note: “2022 (WG) Worlds” refers to the upcoming Water Game.


It is true that the tournament you attended did go long (I heard 10 minute cycle times). But the events the RECF have run in December and January and at least two other EP events on Saturday had less than 5 minute cycle time. I do think as EPs and teams get more experience, the overall quality of the event will improve. VEX Worlds is still 4 months away. I’m asking everyone to at least give it an honest chance over the next couple months.


Please don’t follow this path. Outside USA teams are unlikely to attend. Feel free to have some kind of US event in June but keep [remote] worlds open to everyone thanks.

Understandable. I certainly will fully participate in any events the RECF provides.

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We will do our best!


Is there a chance that skills could be modified to make it more difficult? Competing to lower stop times is pretty demotivating and repetitive, especially when every team is able to use their own field to record scores.

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Will there be a collection point email address to send questions to so that we can prepare our questions in advance and ensure they are answered?

It’s been mostly Q&A

Please no. They’ve already messed with skills once. Plus that’s months of work wasted for us.


Ok first, how is the REC foundation going to fill everyone around the world in one big world compition. Would pepole adapt to the USA timing or they will be grouped.

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On that note, any possibility of changing IQ live remote? It seems that a lot of teams are already getting to the point of match stop time with it.

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For the teams that have already maxed out (at least 6, and its only January) our meetings have become extremely boring. Frankly, I’m losing motivation to compete because we’re spending hours to cut off just a couple seconds and that’s all we can do for the next several months. That’s why I would really love if skills was modified or if a new challenge was introduced for teams that have maxed out.

Great question. And the honest answer is that I don’t know yet. We would first ask teams from the state / region skills list (I hope I have that right). If we still had spots left from that state, it would depend on the demand for VEX Worlds. If the demand is there, we will probably use these spots to pull from the Skills list and wait list.


We already lost motivation cause of states being too easy.

Poggers. This at least makes me happy. Thanks so much!

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We will announce at Town Hall. But it will definitely be less than the in person event. And it will be less costly to the teams too - no travel costs.


Yes, we will move forward previously qualified teams.

You weren’t supposed to tell anyone about the 2022 WG… :wink:


OK, I’ll ask:

  1. What remote event did you go to
  2. What was your actual experience
  3. What made it bad
  4. What would you do to make it better
  5. Who else was there that would count as a “no one” that I could get feedback from.

I’m thinking about running a remote event in March, so I want to know that this is a bad idea before I start.

(as an aside can we dial back the 11 word back and forth?)