Vex Worlds Qualfications

What would we have to do to go to vex worlds?Next year we are hoping our team would be able to attend.

Three primary ways to qualify:

  1. Qualify for your state or regional championship, then win a qualifying award or tournament champion at that championship
  2. Get a robot skills score placing your team in top 50 worldwide.
  3. win one of the RECF online challenges.

These are the main ways to qualify. Skills is a really really good way to qualify. If you are top 50 in the world you automatically get in however if your state has teams that double or triple qualify like ours did then it goes down to top skills in your state at least here it does. So a team gets excellence and they get tournament champion then what happens is they look at the skills ranking for your state to fill in the vacant spot. At least that is how it is done here. So you do not necessarily have to be top 50 in the world in skills to go to worlds. Now being top in your state in skills does not automatically qualify you for worlds but if there are some really good teams in your state and the path to the top is really hard skills is a great way to try ot get qualified no matter what.