VEX Worlds Reveals Playlist

So I put this playlist together for my team as they cant be bothered to trawl through the forum or youtube to see reveals. I thought i would share it. I tried to get everyone but please tell me if I missed you out and I will rectify ASAP.
Vex Worlds 2016 Reveals Playlist

Wow this is awesome. Thanks for putting this together

This will definitely be helpful. thanks

Thanks a ton for this! I wish teams would edit their titlesand put in their division. Then you won’t have to wade through other divisions. We have 99 other teams to see and talk to.

thanks for sharing ! Playlist by Division would make this even better for teams.

I agree. This would make scouting a lot easier.

I agree if I have any down time at worlds I will do division playlists. If I have missed you out please come see me in the pits at 6053B and I’ll add your reveal.

We would appreciate if you added our reveal :slight_smile: 3921B Reveal - Martin II - YouTube

thanks :slight_smile:

Add our reveal too please! (although you’re probably asleep by now…)
4915 Virus Robotics Worlds Reveal

Aww… we weren’t in it, oh, we didn’t make one. Why, we didn’t qualify. Good-Bye. :.( ¸.·´¯·.¸¸.·´¯·.¸ (८ ° >

I have added them both.

Was good to see loads of teams today in the expo centre. As a lot of teams have been posting reveals lately I might have missed yours. Please come by the 6053B pit and ask me to add if so.

Here is our robot


Thank you very much. This will become great memories later.