VEX Worlds Shipping

So this past Saturday we won the Nevada State Championship which gave us our bid to Worlds if you remember last year we posted about our robot getting lost now the question is :How do we get our robots to Worlds

does said robot have wheels? if so drive it! :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are going to VEX Worlds…I believe that VEX provides a company that does this for an extra cost. You can get the link here.

Book a seat for it on the plane.

Or perhaps send it via UPS/FedEx well ahead of time and pick it up at one of their respective stores (UPS Store/FedEx Office).

After rereading your question. I realize that you know you CAN ship it. Honestly, the percentage of robots that don’t make it there is low, so it should still get there. Maybe you could send it earlier to have a better chance of it not getting lost(idk).

We have always packed it into an appropriate sized cardboard box stuffed with as much foam as we could and then took it on the plane as checked luggage. Mark it as fragile and that you have batteries inside (so TSA doesn’t get too riled up), mark THIS END UP (not that they will follow that anyway, but worth a try). We have never had an issue and we knew it was with us. Watch to see it gets onto the plane.