VEX Worlds Special Events

Hello all, I was wanting to get some input on a few topics for VEX Worlds. As some people know, during the 2013 World Championships we were presented with a light-up drum performance, and during the 2014 World Championships, Tony Hawk was introduced as a special guest. I’m interested to know what you guys think about these events, if you liked them/would have liked them, and what you would want to see in the future? Personally I’d have to say that I found them fun and memorable, and would love to see it continue.

I thought that 2 years when we had mythbuster around were great.

Yeah, I’d totally take more fun stuff at worlds. Sometimes it helps to have something amazing cheer you up when your robot isn’t doing too well at worlds (last year needed one especially).

I found them silly and a waste of time. I would have rather paid less registration and not had them. Now if VEX wanted to get Ark Attack to come back I would be all for it. A lot of “special events” seemed ill timed and to drag on for a considerable amount of time.

I liked the special guests and I thought Tony Hawks speech was inspirational. Although I’d love Ark Attack to come back I wouldn’t cut the special events to lower registration.