VEX Worlds Store

What will be at the Worlds VEX Store? Will things be discounted? I might bring some money to purchase parts…

They should have everything they have online…

From what I have heard no discount. But I could be wrong… and for me personally no tax is charged when I order online! I would I assume they have sales tax which is like around 8%. Plus the cost of transporting the parts back from worlds.

A question I have is: Do they take credit cards? I don’t want to carry cash around worlds and lose it.

I’ve only been to the championship once, but the VEX store was hands down one of my favorite things. Like a kid in a candy store, they have everything, and I mean everything that they sell for the competition. I would definitely bring some spending money, sometimes they do product reveals at championship and begin selling the new items in the store that day (turntable bearing kit for example during the 2011 event.)

In the past they also allowed you to register your team and pick up your game pieces for the new game that they announce at championships. Getting those game pieces early is fun as well.

Do they sell batteries there? Would it be better to bring extra from home or just buy some new batteries there?

They do sell batteries usually, but there is no guarantee that they will have a stock of them when you get there. I would not count on it just to play it on the safe side.
Good luck!

My team ordered some on line, and had them shipped to the hotel and asked the hotel to store them for us until we arrived, taht way we know we have all new batteries at the arrival.

This is a good idea but be aware that some hotells charge over $30 for this service. I dont know about the hotells for worlds, but just letting you know.

How long does their stock usually last for everything but batteries?

This is our first year at VEX worlds, and we had just planned on buying new motors down there (as the lethal clicking has started). Will I be able to throughout the entire competition, or does the motor stock often run dry?

If that is the case, I would just stockpile on day 1. Are there limitations on the number of items you can buy?

do they also sell VEXpro stuff as well?

I’d give VEX a call to their support number if you guys want a sure-fire answer on how much stock they’ll have. I just know from the year we attended it didn’t seem like they ever ran dry on any stock of parts including batteries and motors.