VEX Worlds - Team Dinner Suggestions?


We qualified 3 teams to Worlds between different grade levels, so we should have a good number of students, mentors and family. We are hoping to do a team dinner during one evening, but need a place that

  1. Can handle a group larger than 25
  2. Great food and experience for the kids
  3. Isn’t too far out of the way

Anyone have some good suggestions? Past experiences?


The Old Spaghetti Factory


As someone who lives in Kentucky, +1.

As for entertainment, Malibu jacks is a great spot.


Hometown Pizza:

We’ve eaten there several times. Biggest group we’ve had I think is about 20, but there is room for more. Good pizza and other items.


You may have to do reservations, but we really really loved Hammerhead’s when we went during SS. I saw them seat maybe…uhhhhhh…6-12 or something? I met a team that we were paired up with during a qual match on the next day…fun times!


We stay at the RV park so every night we grill out and it is an awesome experience that cannot be matched by a restaurant


So you guys could run a Food Truck for dinner? :wink:



Kentucky Fried Chicken is pretty good, from what I’ve heard


What about Royals Hot Chicken, though?


Cheesecake Factory my dud


Great suggestions by everyone, between Italian, Fun & Food, Pizza, Burgers, Grilling out, Chicken, American Fare!

To add options for our kids to choose, anyone know of a great BBQ place in Louisville that can handle a large crowd? A few coaches were thinking that would give the kids a good chance at Southern cuisine.


City Barbecue, pretty good sized dining room.


Does anyone have a estimation on how much money is spent per day per person on food at worlds?


A general rule for traveling/vacation is $100 per person per day, but that changes with minors involved.
You could say $100-$200 per parent + 1 or 2 student combo. Also dependent on if you do restaurants or food trucks, whether you eat hotel breakfast or not, how big lunches are, etc.


We have a yearly TVA tradition to go to Spinelli’s once or twice in Kentucky. Its a very interesting underground restaurant that has very creative and unique pizza’s. If I were you, I would absolutely give their waffle pizza a shot. Its REALLY good. The place is loads of fun! Theres a juke box that you can play music in the building and we compete to get the highest punching bag score. Very old-style teen theme similar to Hot Topic in malls.