Vex Worlds trophies

I have been waiting for 3 weeks, and I am soo excited to put this trophie that our team won on the trophie case. Does anyone have any clue when they will ship the medals and trophies?

We have not gotten them either but a friend says they shipped them in November last year so just be patient.

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They shipped trophies in November… for a competition in May…?


yeah. for last year’s virtual simulation vex worlds. I don’t understand why rec choose to wait that long to ship but who knows

I’m pretty sure he’s referring to this year’s worlds.

I think what Hao was saying was “we haven’t gotten our trophy from Worlds 2021 either, but a friend said they shipped the trophies from 2020 in November, so this year’s might take a while too”.

And yeah, it’ll probably be a while, organizing shipping things takes time. I still have a bunch of trophies and banners to distribute from our state championships in April, and those teams are all within a few hours’ drive! Your RSM will probably know more than us folks on the forum.


Best advice I can give - email your RECF Regional Support Manager. Seriously, the forum will not solve this for you.

Back to regularly scheduled humor “ships in 8 weeks” is the default reply, not sure relative to when :slight_smile:


An email that teams got just said they are shipping soon!