VEX Worlds Volunteers

As you know it takes a lot of people to run a successful tournament. We are still in need of volunteers for VEX Worlds. Our most critical need is for Scorekeeper Referees for both weeks. Scorekeeper Referees are essential to ensure accurate scoring and to keep the Division on schedule. Now that Division Lists are posted, we hope this will encourage more participation from those attending. We also have openings for Judges, Queueing Staff, and General Volunteers who can assist wherever they are needed.

If you know of individuals coming to Worlds who can assist, please encourage them to volunteer. If you can assist, please sign up as well! Coaches/Mentors: encourage your parents to volunteer in the Division their child will be competing in so they can get a “better than front row seat” to the action. As a former coach myself and a parent of a child who competes, I always enjoy hearing stories of how specific volunteers made a memorable impact on a child’s life whether through positive interactions or helping in a time of need. Thank you for helping us fully staff the event so more memorable experiences can be created for our students. Here is the volunteer link – please share!

For those who have already signed up to volunteer – THANK YOU! Your contributions will be greatly appreciated!