Vex Worlds Waitlist

I was just curious about the Waitlist, when will anyone know if they have been invited? I know alot of teams are curious to know that answer. And I want to also personally thank you for all the hard work you and all of vex does for us.

We are glad that you are enjoying the program, it is our pleasure to be able to partner with so many amazing volunteers to provide the best experience possible. It is unlikely that many teams will be invited to the 2014 VEX Robotics World Championship from the waitlist. There is a possibility that a few teams may be invited from the waitlist during the next week. We don’t anticipate any waitlist invitations being sent out later than March 20th. Due to very high demand from teams to attend the event, we are unable to guarantee any specific number of teams will be invited off of the waitlist.


Sounds good to me thank you