Vex World's Waterbottles

So I know it’s been a while since Vex Worlds, but can we take a moment to ask where are the water bottles for sale? I’m glad they came in the team bags, but your whole team will soon begin to raffle and call dibs on that sweet water bottle. I know personally I would like to see them for sale at next year’s world competition. I was just curious as to what the community thought of it!

Take our money Karthik. Please.

He already did. A lot, actually.
People get water bottles? I’ll have to work harder.

They might not have exactly what you are looking for:

Think it is one water bottle per team…

Glad I’m the leader :slight_smile:

I had my eyes on the water bottle for 3 years. Glad i got it.

Do they ship to the UK?